We have decorated our home for the harvest season with the pumpkins we grew. We have more pumpkins than we need! We have pumpkins from 50 cents to $5. You can stop by our farm to choose from all we have. We will also have many available at the Hartland Farmer’s Market tomorrow from 9 am to 1 pm. We have been bringing an extra trailer just for pumpkins. Recipes will be available with each purchase. Hope to see you there!!

Plenty of Pumpkins!

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  • Eileen Simons

    Farmer Patty,

    My husband and I are interested in purchasing Turkey’s for this weekend and Thanksgiving Dinner. I wasn’t sure if you have any available at this time, but you can reach me on my cell at …

  • FarmhandDoug

    Yes, Hartland Farms has frozen free range, hormone/antibiotic-free turkeys available now. They raised a special summer crop this year due to increased demand and saved some to offer as pre-holiday season birds. Call them to arrange a pick-up time at their farm in Hartland, Michigan. Also, visit their web site at http://www.HartlandFarms.com

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