Turkeys Spread Their Wings

Free range turkeys!

Our summer flock of turkeys are growing well. We keep giving them more pasture space and they love it! Planning ahead for our fall flock of turkeys Eric planted more grass in another area. Of course our free range chickens have been eating some of that

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Ready or Not…

…turkeys will arrive soon. The next few days I’ll be getting an area set up for the arrival of our day old turkey poults. They will need warmth but plenty of ventilation. We also have to keep them safe from predators. We have recently lost several of our free range egg laying hens to raccoons.

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Fresh Chickens at the Market!

Whew! We just finished digging, picking, rinsing and packing. We will be at the White Lake and Hartland Farmer’s Market tomorrow. At both markets we will have our cuts of pork, fresh chickens, fresh garlic, bags of salad blend, Homer’s redskin potatoes and beets.

Hartland will also have our radishes and White Lake will

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Grill a Turkey?

I browsed the internet tonight looking for techniques and recipes to grill or smoke one of our free range turkeys. I made the “soda can chickens” last year and loved them! Plan to do that again for sure.

For Father’s Day Eric got a new grill. He is ready to test it and came

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Turkeys Love the Sunshine!

Free range turkeys!

Our honey friends Don and Pat LaLumiere stopped by to work with their bees. They stayed all day and helped Eric move and organize our turkeys and chickens.

We took advantage of the nice weather and moved our newest flock of turkeys. They are big enough

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New Critters at Hartland Farms!

Every spring we have young animals here on our farm. This year is no exception. We have a new batch of pigs. One is a “ham”, while the others are camera shy…

“Here piggy, piggy…” 3 of the Spring chicks

We also have a new batch of egg layers

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Spring brings farm babies

"Aww! Isn't he cute."


It is not officially Spring yet, but the babies are coming. First our rabbits begin to give birth.

The phrase, “baby bunnies,” is redundant, but when you see them, it just seems natural to say, “Awww, look at the baby bunnies!”

Our daughter Jessica

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We Raise ‘em, You Cook ‘em!

Our best turkey ever!!

November is not the only time to have turkey for dinner!

We are raising a small summer flock of turkeys. They are the same price as last year, $2.79 per pound. We are taking orders now. They will probably be in the range of 18-20

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Early Turkeys

Farmer Patty with one of their 5 day old poults.

A few customers have requested a turkey for the summer season. Eric and I decided, “Let’s raise a small flock.”

Baby turkeys are called poults. While they are this young they need close supervision around the clock. We check

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Our Thanksgiving Blessings

Our free range turkey ready for dinner!

We hope your Thanksgiving was as blessed as ours was. We spent a couple of days with family, friends and good food. We try a different recipe every year for our turkey. We really liked the outcome this year and

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Turkeys Available!!

We have a few unclaimed turkeys still available for this year. Keep in mind you can also freeze them for Christmas or later use. Our turkeys taste great fresh or frozen. The flavor comes from how we raise them. If you would like to reserve one please call us at 810-632-5737 They are all between

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Thanksgiving Plans

Free Range Turkeys are healthy and growing at Hartland Farms in Michigan

Now is the time to order your fresh free range turkey for Thanksgiving. Our birds are juicy and full flavor. Nothing is added to them. They are raised on our farm here in Hartland. Pick up day is Tuesday November 24, 2009 from 4-6 PM or Wednesday November 25, 2009 from 9 AM to

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