Where’s The Beef?

Located between Gaylord and Alpena, Hunt Family Farm raises black angus cattle, hogs, and chickens.  Our farm is pesticide, herbicide, and chemical free.  We do not feed growth hormones or antibiotics.  We practice natural and sustainable methods with the goal of producing the best.

We deliver  monthly, free of  charge, to the eastern half of michigan, south of the bridge.

I can be reached through email ……..huntbfarmer@gmail.com

2 comments to Where’s The Beef?

  • clare

    My family is interested in purchasing a side of farm raised beef. Before we do so, we would like to know what costs were looking at and when a side of beef would be available.

  • Brian Hunt

    I have beef ready now. If I take your order within the next few weeks I could deliver the first part of April. One half purebred black angus beef runs 3.00 dollars per pound hanging weight delivered to you vacuum packed. The beef have been weighing 320 to 350 per half. So 960 to 1050 dollars total rough estimate.

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